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why have Guidance and counselling in school?
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Guidance and counselling in school navigates students towards a safe sanctuary. Those seeking emotional support are guided to handle their problems. These days students are facing so many challenges, so it is a must to have counsellors at school. Drop-in academic performance, lack of self-confidence, loss of a friend, frequent mood swings, gadget addiction, and bullying and abuse are all too much for the little hearts to endure. They don’t know where and whom to pour out their hearts. That is when the role of a counsellor comes in. Our dedicated counselling support on the school campus listens to all problems faced by students. Be it a newborn baby that struggles to breathe for the first time or an old man lying on his deathbed counting his days, everyone faces problems. These are inevitable. But the way we look at them and the steps we take to overcome them is what matters.

Listening Is the only thing often needed to help someone

Sorry Parents – Stressed Child Can’t come out in Flying Colors

Indeed, for parents, the success of their child is their only achievement. They take pride in it. Parents want their children to be walking encyclopedias. Second, they want a great future for their child. They desire to get the child admitted to a renowned university and be placed in a great job. Parents are not wrong for wanting their children to come out with flying colors. This leaves many children stressed and unable to grasp concepts as quickly as their peers, which leads to bad grades. If parents are harshly reacting to this situation, the child may end up harming themselves, physically or mentally. Never too late, it is high time for the parents to understand that their plans might fail, but with proper guidance and counselling in school students will succeed.

Guidance and Counselling in School-The Need Of The Hour

It is not stress that kills but the reaction to it

We live in a country that holds the world’s highest suicide rate among children, mainly due to stress, anxiety, and depression. At TIPS we have qualified counsellors who guide and support students. Our counsellors regularly monitor children’s activity and their well-being. That guarantees the child’s future and offers peace of mind to parents. Students are molded to be well-disciplined human beings. We engineer the students’ brains to face any difficult situation in a cool way and walk out with their heads held high. The education system is always under the hammer for being competitive and focusing more on quantitative learning. But at TIPS, we provide guidance and counselling in school and transform learning into a fun-filled activity. This drives students to be lifelong learners.

Mental Health – The Secret of Succes

Guidance and counselling in school are more like an elderly pal who can solve most of your problems. At TIPS, we believe that the mental health of students is crucial for their academic success. A peaceful mind is much more capable than a disturbed one. To ensure that students have peace of mind, counsellors are available all through the day to help resolve their problems. Counsellors at TIPS are good friends who maintain a friendly environment so that students feel free and secure to share their problems. Confidentiality of the students’ problems is strictly maintained so that they feel safe around counsellors. Through this, we believe students can bring the best out of themselves as they learn to look at and solve problems, thereby succeeding in both academic and non-academic fields.

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