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Why have students council election in school TIPS
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Student council election encourages students to be good sailors while cruising through the ocean of life. We, at TIPS, conduct such elections every year because we understand that the students of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

Gifts you receive to run in a student council election

We love to enjoy freedom in things we do and in choosing what we want. We all love democracy. We live in one of the biggest democracies in the world. In future, the present students will run this country. A prerequisite for this is the gift of the gab which they already have. Along with it, they will self-learn skills like:

Public speaking skills – Being a contestant in the student council election means they’ll have to speak. In turn, this gives them a chance to practice their social skill and communication skills.

The art of communication is the language of leadership

Leadership skills – It means undertaking the responsibilities of a leader. Regardless of what position they get, other students will look up to them as leaders.

Academic skills – If a student aims to run for the student council election, it motivates them to better their grades and build their image.

First-hand experience of Student council election at TIPS

We at TIPS conduct student council elections annually. Students go through different stages and processes similar to real-life political elections. Interested students first register themselves as candidates for the election. To earn the voters’ interest, they learn a lot about the effectiveness of campaigning and strategies that work best. Each student gets to vote for a candidate running for a specific post. Students have to get their school id-card verified before casting their vote. At the exit, teachers make note of their id-card number. Then the votes are counted by a team of teachers and later verified by members of the previous student council. Finally, the results are declared, announcing the members of the new student council.

voting is not only our right-it's a power

Preparing the students to be responsible citizens

Through student council election we make students think critically. There are many conflicts of thought within themselves. Some candidates would make promises that only look good on paper, while some may do it for fame. They will learn what the consequences of their votes would be. Bad decisions based on favouritism would sometimes turn out to be not as good as expected. And students learn to vote wisely not blindly. In fact, democracy we live in today is more of demagoguery. The vote is valued more than the voter. People mindlessly cast their votes without much analysis, causing harm to the smooth sailing of the ship. We at TIPS believe that making students know the election process better through first-hand experience would make an impact. They will choose their leaders wisely in the future, which would bring changes to the country.

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