Residential Facility

Residential Facility

Welcome to our ‘home away from home’ where unity and cultural diversity are celebrated in equal measure.

The TIPS residences are an integral part of the school community, offering separate-wing accommodation for boys and girls.

In our diverse but shrinking world society, TIPS residential facility provides a relaxed and friendly home for students from all over. We actively celebrate the cultural diversity of our student body, and promote internationalism as an intrinsic part of boarding life. Many friendships made here will endure a lifetime, and will widen a student’s understanding and appreciation of world cultures and customs.

While we make every student feel they are special as individuals, we actively encourage them to develop into mature and responsible citizens who can co-exist amicably. We also believe that the boarding experience should encourage student involvement in a wide variety of extracurricular activities such as sports, dance, music, etc.

Our residential facilities have live-in teacher supervisors who are each assigned a group of students to support, school counsellors, and a campus nurse. Our trained staff is adept at taking care of the students’ academic, physical, personal, and emotional needs.


Students have use of the internet, library, and games rooms. A spacious dining hall complex for breakfast, lunch dinner, and snacks serves a healthy and nutritionally-balanced diet embracing the multicultural diversity of our student body.

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