Podcast for Kids and Its Benefits | TIPS PODCAST

Podcast for Kids and Its Benefits TIPS PODCAST
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Podcast for kids is a means of entertainment and learning. Back in those days, there were a high number of joint families that consisted of parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and pet animals. Indeed, they all used to live under one roof. They all dined, celebrated festivals, spent weekends, visited places and went on picnics together. The big family kept the children entertained. The kids enjoyed listening to stories from their grandparents. However, in the search for gold, we lost the diamond. Presently the size of the family has become smaller. Parents are involved in so much other work. They can’t afford to spend long hours with their children, especially during this pandemic. Parents are aware that stories and children complement each other. So they rely on machines to narrate stories. This is when podcasts play a significant role in giving parents a break while keeping the children entertained.

Podcast for kids have become a blessing.


According to kids a podcast is a storytelling machine.

Lockdowns, closed schools and remote learning keep kids stuck indoors more than usual. There are limits on how long a child can be confined at home all day. But the limits are extended only with some good entertainment through podcasts. In virtual meetings and remote learning, screen fatigue is real. Podcast channels help the kids to take a break from the screen. Numerous podcasts are currently available over the internet. Good podcast channels are always a source of knowledge and encourage kids to think out of the box. It enhances their listening ability and communication skills. Recent research on podcast for kids has reported that 80% of children listen. About 75% of kids discuss the topics with their family which promotes family bonding. So, here at TIPS, we encourage our children to come up with creative stories, rhymes, and educational content for podcasting.

Kids explore new territories

Podcasts for kids’ content have flooded the airwaves. These podcasts are compatible with personal media players such as an iPod, Ipad and the like. Apart from the textbooks, kids get to learn, explore and analyse topics with detailed thought. 

Here are a few educational podcasts that the children listen to:

Wow in the World: Podcast for kids on the latest trends in science and technology. 

Brains On: Kids co-host with experts to discuss and find answers to fascinating science questions. 

The Alien Adventure of Finn Caspian: This podcast tells the story of an 8-year-old boy living on an interplanetary space station and explores the galaxy to solve mysteries with his friends.

TIPS Podcast– A Revolutionary Initiative


Podcast is an academic gift for children.

Our podcast stream has exciting content that will make your day and in no time you’ll be addicted to it. Through podcast for kids, learning is made easy. You can find rhymes, bedtime stories, awareness on road safety, festival greetings and much more on TIPS Podcast. You may think podcasting is just another platform to share content with the audience, but in reality, it is much more than that. Unlike popular social media channels, you aren’t simply writing a caption or sharing a picture. With a podcast, you’re broadcasting your thought leadership from a far more prestigious vantage point than Instagram or Facebook.

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