Boarding school and its importance
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Boarding school at TIPS is an experience that facilitates freedom, practical learning and networking for the students. Students are surrounded by creative, smart and like-minded individuals, all sailing in the same boat. Indeed, it’s their first true taste of independence, cutting off from the strings of parental support and relying upon our faculty who unlock doors to new worlds. Staying away from the temptations of staring mindlessly at computer screens and mobile phones, children at boarding schools healthily grow their curiosity. Students live, love, learn and laugh with friends who’ll remain as a family for the rest of their lives. Here at TIPS, students will have to work hard and the best thing is that they can play hard too.


Boarding school-Inevitable learning about life

Conducive Learning Atmosphere

TIPS ensures that the learning atmosphere is conducive for students to gain knowledge. Time management combined with a healthy diet and exercising routine partakes in every hostelite’s daily schedule. Students at the TIPS boarding facility also benefit from activities that promote personal care, personality development and academic learning. They also enjoy their extracurricular activities and leisure time. 

We, at TIPS, have ample space for students to stretch themselves and to put their classroom learning into practice. This includes fine arts, sports, science laboratories, libraries, internet access and much more. While we offer a variety of facilities, we also provide the right kind of nutritionally balanced meals. Moreover, our faculty ensures that students eat right and our mentors take total responsibility for the students’ well-being. “Early to bed and early to rise” is the mantra for a healthy life and we make sure it is followed diligently. The well-planned weekends are perks that complement the boarding school, making it a home away from home with a conducive learning atmosphere.

Connections with the like-minded

A child studying in a boarding school will be exposed to the company of many fellow students. Since kids in boarding schools come from diverse cultural backgrounds, they possess varied talents. The fine connection with like-minded people opens up countless horizons for striking fresh minds. They would also love to explore their undiscovered passion. TIPS as a boarding school not only promotes friendship, but also provides students with excellent opportunities for teamwork. The connections that children make in the dormitory and the way they fight back homesickness is the kind of experience that will expose them to strong interpersonal skills.

Preparing Students for Life

The life lessons taught under the watchful eye of an established boarding school culture are priceless.

Friendship established in boarding school last a lifetime!

Students at TIPS are given so many opportunities to build a solid foundation and carefully map their future. Living away from home and balancing an advanced curriculum encourages them to become more disciplined and responsible. Boarding school students are best known for their exceptional character and demeanour. They reside in a community where traits such as honesty, respect and hard work are valued and emphasized. These children have a moral advantage. We, at TIPS, prepare our students to earn more advanced degrees and more prominent roles in their careers. The tears that the parents fight back when their kid bids goodbye standing at the gates of TIPS, will pave the way for their child’s success. In every step, we guide the students, prepare them for their life journey and ensure that they become successful in every walk of life.

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