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Career Guidance and Its Need TIPS CGPS
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Career guidance is an inevitable need in this competitive world. It is because choosing the right career is like looking up at the night sky with infinite stars, trying to select the suitable one. Some stars will be dull, some bright and some barely visible. But only those that shine differently from others are recognized. This is exactly how today’s world works. Thousands of stars are created each second and they grow over time. Similarly, with each passing day, life gets more competitive and a lot of new jobs are created. Just as a few stars fade away and new ones appear in the sky, some jobs also go obsolete while a lot more opportunities come up alongside. At the end of the day, it is for us to decide what kind of star we want to become.


The brightest stars are those who shine in their career

Guidance from The Best-in-Class

Starting from middle schoolers to people working in big corporates, everyone thinks about strengthening their career. It is because we all value career as one of the most important goals to be achieved. “What should I do next?” is a question we never fail to ask ourselves. Sometimes we go into deep endless thoughts and may even feel the urge to give up. We might think the answer to this can be found out by ourselves. But sometimes the guidance of a professional with extensive knowledge in fields related to multiple careers is what we require. That is why we at TIPS offer exclusive Career Guidance and Placement Services (CGPS) to help our students with the best-in-class guidance from appropriate professionals and experts.

Adding more value to Yourself

Then comes the question “But how can the professionals help me?”. It’s simple. Let us take the example of a guy named Sam. Sam is an average high school boy with the similar questions you have about your career like “What’s the best career choice for me?”, “How can I overcome the challenges of this COVID situation to choose the career best suited for me?”, etc. That’s when he seeks the help of the Career Guidance Cell at TIPS. He shares his likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. Sam says he’s good in practical subjects like accountancy and mathematics. He also lets them know about how he can learn things fast but fails to do things on time.

Analyzing all this information, the Career Guidance Cell suggests some of the best and apt career choices to Sam. Once Sam decides which course he wants to pursue, the Cell gives him the list of top universities and institutions where he can pursue the same. Further, TIPS CGPS also provides Sam an idea of how to deal with the admission process. Sam is now satisfied with what is going to be his next step because he’s confident of his future endeavours.

Own your Career Path


Your future depends on the choices you make today

You may have some of the confusions Sam had, or something new. But you need not worry because our Career Guidance and Placement Services (CGPS) at TIPS have a lot more to offer. People from around the world with successful careers are often invited to share their success stories with the students. They strive to instill a sense of inspiration and motivation in the students. Various sessions to improve resume writing and enhance speaking and writing skills are organized to improve the student’s overall outlook. College fairs are organized once a year for pupils to have a personal experience with representatives from top universities from across the country. The pandemic has affected students both physically and mentally. Especially in times like these, students tend to face anxiety about their future. If you feel TIPS CGPS can help you step up your career then you are right. The Cell still functions with the same efficiency, to help the students in the best way possible. 

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