Verbal Abuse is Injurious to Health

Verbal Abuse is Injurious to Health
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    Mrs. Shraddha Bhatnagar
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According to studies, anxiety and long-term mental mistreatment are linked. The stress
and trauma that accumulates over time may result in a mental disorder such as anxiety.
According to Devon Mac Dermott, a relationship and trauma psychologist, verbal abuse
is uninvited verbal contact that can cause emotional harm to the victim. It’s usually from
a close relative, a close friend, a parent, or a spouse. Disrespecting, yelling at, and
insulting someone can be harmful to their health. The persistent or sudden use of
language to destroy someone’s security and dignity through humiliation or insults is
referred to as verbal abuse.

It has the potential to cause substantial and long -term psychological harm. Furthermore,
the psychological effects of this sort of abuse may go unnoticed for a long time. Even
though their dignity is violated, the victim may not reply, lack of motivation, poor focus,
tension, depression, and other issues can result.

Emotional and verbal abuse are the same thing because verbally assaulting someone
can affect them emotionally, causing them to lose their self-esteem and confidence.
Long-term verbal abuse, particularly when it begins while a child is young, can result in
several health problems later in life. Verbal Abuse’s Effects may be: Overthinking, Low
self-esteem and lack of excitement, Difficulty making decisions, Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Migraine headaches, Chronic pain,
Digestive difficulties or even Suicidal Ideation and eating disorders.

If you notice that someone you care about has changed their behaviour unexpectedly,
try to help them overcome it.

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