When Charm Meets Diplomacy!!

Are you doubtful about taking part in a Model United Nations for the first time? 

Then here is the perfect guide to go for it. Model UN trains today’s students to tomorrow’s leaders. Students who do model UN would one day change the world. MUN is an interactive educational activity in which students simulate the workings of the UN or one of its many organs, agencies or affiliated bodies.

As a simulation of the UN, these MUNs provide the opportunity for students to both replicate the work of the UN and to view the problems facing the international community from a unique perspective. The foundation of every Model UN committee is research. This is what drives the discussion all weekend long and contributes to the development of solutions to the issues mentioned in your background guide. 

MUN requires a significant amount of research and preparation. Participants must familiarize themselves with their assigned country’s history, culture, and foreign policies and be able to defend their position on various issues. Doing your study properly will guarantee you are ready and involved in the committee. 

MUN follows formal procedures similar to those used at the United Nations. This includes the use of parliamentary procedure and protocol, such as formal language and raising placards to speak.

Five Reasons why one must attend an MUN Conference:

MUN is a great way to

  1. Learn about diplomacy and the United Nations.
  2. Meet new people across the globe.
  3. Improve your public speaking skills
  4. Learn about different cultures.
  5. Have fun and make new friends

 Hook Point Action – Create the perfect speech structure: 

If you want to become the best MUNer you must follow this technique.  A hook is a presentation-opening tactic that immediately captures your audience’s imagination.

  • Hook: Draw in your audience with a thought-provoking question, quote, story, or statistic.
  • Point: Give your main point of the speech – why are you here and what are your ideas? Add sub-points if you have time.
  • Action: Provide a call-to-action for your audience to perform. It could be a concrete action or something more abstract.

What matters the most in a MUN?

The students learnt how to come to a consensus and recommend a solution for the agenda at hand. Most importantly, the students learnt the finer nuances of conducting meaningful research and oratory skills. Perks of taking part in it include hands-on experience in diplomacy, fostering international relations, negotiation and lobbying, improvisation of public speaking, speech writing, debating, culminating teamwork and leadership.

The students will experience exhilarating sessions of debate and discussion on sensational topics like Gun violence, Politicization of the Military Forces, the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Children and the Human Rights violation. The day-long sessions will teach the students the art of research, analysis and problem solving.

We’re proud to share that our School students presented themselves as delegates in many Model United Nations viz., Harvard Model United Nations, Chennai Model United Nations, South India Model United Nations, TIPS Model United Nations.

“HMUN taught me to push myself, develop my diplomacy and public speaking skills, and allowed me to meet and interact with a wonderful community of people. And most importantly, it helped me realize that I could make a difference in our world too.”

-Iniya Mahendran (MUN Delegate)

“From this TIPSMUN, a many valuable things which I learned and are also going to be useful in my future are like, confidence building, analytic skills, problem-solving skills, diplomacy, public speaking, net-working, and leadership skills.” 

– Suyodh (MUN Delegate)

.Yeah!! We are creating leaders!!!

So, what do you say? Why not give it a go at the next Model UN conference?

– Vidhyadevi A. (MUN Advisor)

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