Enunciation-an overlooked key to being an effective Speaker!

Enunciation - an overlooked key to being an effective Speaker!
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    Ms. Brintha k
    Higher secondary staff – cbse (English X &XI)
    The Indian Public School – Erode.
    March, 14 2022 | In Blog

Do we speak clearly so that people can understand us? Every one of us craves to be understood, whenever and in whatever situation we are in. When we say something, we hesitate to repeat our sentences twice if it’s not understood by the listener. 

Here Enunciation plays a big role in being an effective communicator, but it’s a trait that is often forgotten.

The term by itself means to pronounce words clearly or to express oneself very clearly. It’s imperious to enunciate our words so that people understand us. Enunciation gives a bit of a “punch” to our communication. Your speech can indeed turn effective and the way you want it to. 

To start with… 

Working on enunciating our words is the first step. Choose vocabulary to fit into the sentence, to suit the point to be spoken. The key is to get it just right— make sure to see that the words don’t overlap, and one should sound natural. 

The Second step… 

Is the idea being of variety? We don’t like to listen to people who speak at one speed, in one tone, with a boring vocabulary, and without emotion. Instantly we get bored and the speaker becomes predictable. And your thought flow starts…. ‘OK he/she is going to say this next and so… on.’ To avoid this, making the tone of speech good and effective with voice modulation and intonation would sound better.

The third step…. 

The confidence a speaker should have is the most crucial point in communication. If one doesn’t sound confident obviously, he/she will tend to mess up with whatever the message is about. Confidence plays a vital role in one’s life too. 

When you know to choose your words and the way you need to express yourself, confidence will always pave way for effective communication. Being mindful of what we are communicating is a great way to gain the attention of the listener. 

We should strive to make an effort to be effective communicators. We can be-if we work at it and practice, practice, practice to communicate effectively.

Speak clearly, if you speak at all; Carve every word before you let it fall.

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