Cambridge outstanding learners award

Our TIPS Cambridge team proudly celebrates many student achievers in various fields, every year. One such achievement is the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards. It is a recognition given to all the high-performing Cambridge learners every June and November. The purpose is to appreciate and motivate smart learners to keep climbing their ladder of success. Learners get awarded based on their standard marks for each subject. Now, what’s a standard mark? The highest mark scored by Cambridge learners from all around the world, for each subject is the standard mark. Cambridge will always try to determine the true learning of the children in the exams by using grade thresholds.

Two of our students have made us proud once again! Congratulations to Khushi Parakh on receiving the “HIGH ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” for (AS Level – Global Perspectives & Research) and Rithi Varsha V for having received the COUNTRY TOPPER for (AS Level – English General Paper) for the November 2020 exam series of the Cambridge International Examinations. TIPS CAMBRIDGE motivates and encourages its learners to step out, make decisions and keep achieving.

We wish them good luck in all their future endeavors.

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