400+ Delegates | 32 Topics | 11 Committees | 3 Days

On Nov 8th, 13th chapter of CHEMUN was hosted by American International School, Chennai (AISC). This three-day annual conference is for high school students who wish to show their passion and insight for contemporary international relations. As a simulation of the United Nations, CHEMUN thrives to encourage all students to come together to research, caucus, debate, support and pass resolutions to solve issues of global importance. Along with our students from Erode and Salem campuses, around 25 other schools across the globe had participated in the conference. The platform provided an exciting opportunity for our young minds to confront themselves to the most pressing issues of today’s world. It gave them an understanding of how to approach and solve global concerns. This inspiring experience encouraged our students to work collaboratively and exposed them to the dynamics of our world through debate and cooperation. Our TIPSIANS thrived themselves and made the best of the three days by taking leads as main submitters of various committee’s resolutions for global issues and successfully debated to get it passed! TIPSIANS definitely showed us a glimpse of their future self’s as Global Leaders! The entire TIPS Fraternity congratulates our student delegates and the faculties for such a remarkable performance!

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