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    Ms. Maria Theresa Malini
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    March, 29 2022 | In Blog

Talk with your plants!

Talk to plants? You must be wondering??? How is this possible?

YES, IT’S TRUE – YOU SHOULD TALK TO YOUR PLANTS and I say this from my own experience. Talking to plants is an art I feel. I usually speak to my plants as I would speak to any human being. Every day when I water my plants, I would speak to them, saying “hello, how are you? and so on. I would tell them to take the nutrients and give us good fruits. Once it happened that one of my plants “Indian Laburnum, or Cassia Fistula “got dried up as I wasn’t there at home for some time. Seeing this I was worried, there were no leaves. I could only see dried-out branches. As usual, I went near the plant, I told her that I’m sorry for what had happened and asked her to forgive me and I watered her. I also told her I should see her shoot up. It came as a surprise to me after two days she started shooting up, was it a miracle? No, we can speak to plants and they do listen to us. Now she is a small tree ready to flower and shower me with happiness. Various researches have been done on this.

For Example, A team of Singaporean scientists discovered that communication between plants and humans is possible by tracing electric signals diffused by plants. Like our brain that sends electrical signals, plants also release electrical signals to respond to their environment and show signs of distress or poor health.

Love your plant

They say “Love not yourself, love your neighbours too.” My saying goes like this “Love, not yourself but the plants too “Yes, they do respond to your love. I am a plant lover and I have planted various trees in my little garden. I started to love them right from my childhood. WHY PLANTS MAKE YOU HAPPY? When we show love to our plants, they do give their love in return by growing well. When we care for them by giving them the right feed and picking out all the dried portions, they feel really happy and spring up in full bloom. When you see them the next day you can find the difference. When you take care of your kids, they love you, the same goes with the plant. The more you love the more they give their returns.

Nurture your plant

Yes, it’s important to give all the nutrients to your plants like you would give them to your growing child. A growing child needs all the nutrients. Likewise, a plant also needs all nutrients together with love and care. Only then it would give you fruit. In my garden, I have some tapioca planted. I used to water it regularly and put all my kitchen waste into them. Once we happened to harvest the tapioca and it was giant-sized and everyone who saw that was in dismay. We alone knew that with all the nurturing they have grown so. Talk to plants because they need attention to thrive and we should satisfy their needs in the right manner.

Have an agreement with the plant

I usually have an agreement with my plants. I would tell them they have to give fruit within the stipulated time. Sometimes I used to scold them too like I would scold my kids for not doing what is right. I have three guava trees that were planted at the same time, out of which one was not giving fruits at all after so much care. I was a bit worried and I had to tell her that she has to give her fruits as her friends have already given them. I told her by the next month or so I should see some change in her. To my surprise, she started giving fruits even before the time given to her. So, having agreements is important with plants as they are principled in their own way. They grow on the agreement you had with them. 

Let’s plant trees and treat them like you would treat any human being. TAKE A NATURE WALK and Nurture them with love and care. Plants do good to all humankind. Let’s do good to them to serve all mankind

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