The tone of stress management during COVID-19

stress management during COVID-19
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Schools are shut, the doors of my house are closed, the entire house is sanitised regularly, my family members keep themselves clean and tidy and I, a student, sit on my chair with my headphones over my head as my eyes meet my friends and teachers on my laptop screen.

What is happening? This lockdown is too suffocating for me to handle, thereby increasing the need for stress management.

Men and women look at each other with their masks on their faces and in the absence of which, they share terrified looks. Now, why are they afraid of each other? Probably because of the fear of how one might infect the other. This makes me tremble too.



2020 was supposed to be a lucky and revolutionary year for most of us, but life is an unpredictable game. This 2020 lockdown has made me still, weak and uncertain because it’s a relatively new concept to always stay indoors.

I do follow a routine. I wake up early in the morning, get freshened up, attend my online classes, spend some time on managing my social media accounts, call my friends for chit-chats, have food at right intervals and go to sleep before midnight. Seems like the perfect routine, right?

But for how long am I supposed to live the same way? I’m bored and the fact that there is not enough scope for me to modify my daily routine makes me gasp for the missing pieces.



I miss the sun, the fresh air, the moon and the stars. I miss wearing my uniforms, having my breakfast in a hurry not to miss my van, spending time with my classmates in class and hanging out with my best friends after school because I belong to the Class of 2020, one with special treatments and a different mode of education, with no other choices.

To stay virtually connected during our online classes is a new experience that excites me but at the same time, regular homework, assignments, extended screen hours, not meeting my friends and staying indoors for months leaves me frustrated and stressed.

Students stress management 2020

I know it is better to let out our emotions before it lets us down, but how do we do that? How do we manage our stress?



I tried a few techniques to manage my stress, anxiety, worries and fears. Believe me, it’s really effective.

  • If seeing the news about COVID-19 terrifies you, avoid it.
  • If you are into social media consumption for long hours, reduce it.
  • If you feel like moving your body to an unsung rhythm, do it.
  • If you feel you are chained and locked, engage yourself in small gardening activities.
  • If you miss your friends, just call them. Who knows, they might feel the same way too.
  • If your mind is too inactive, then dance or sing or paint or spend time on your skills, record it and post it online if you wish to.
beat stress

In short, a simple remedy for stress management is to keep yourself BUSY. Keep your mind active and engaged. Despite your online classes, focus on other physical activities that you can do indoors.

My school, TIPS, is doing a great job in engaging us, its students, not just through online classes, but also through virtual parties, online extracurricular activities and assignments, etc.

So, let’s stay indoors and keep ourselves busy, to keep our community and ourselves healthy for a better and safe tomorrow.


“Stress management is unavoidable and inevitable.”


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