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Soccer Training Programme at TIPS is where students aspire and dream to be someone like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Neymar. It’s purely because here, the students are inspired by the player’s ability to beat the defender and score goals. The students want to be just like their idols in imitating the same tricky shots to hit the goal, eager to buy the same jersey, a similar brand of boots and sometimes want to copy their new hairstyles too. No wonder, here soccer is such a loveable game among the students. At TIPS, this beautiful game teaches students how to experience happiness, joy, love and emotions which in turn creates a passion for this particular game. Passion is all that it takes for a person to be involved in a sport. Here at TIPS, Soccer isn’t just a game, it’s more than that! It’s a means of inculcating teamwork, discipline, patience, goal setting, handling success and failures, and much more among the students.


Soccer is more than a game

Growing In-game

The Soccer Training Programme at TIPS has almost become the campus language. From the juniors to the seniors everyone wants to master this language and our dedicated coaches here at the campus help them do so. Our coaches schedule many soccer matches among the students and these matches will always stay as one of their best memories. The entire team rejoicing over the goal that’s been scored and friends and faculties cheering them up is pure bliss. While the game is on, our coaches carefully note the strengths & weaknesses and train the students accordingly. For instance, identifying students who are physically strong are trained to stand as the wall for their team, never letting the ball anywhere close to the goal post. Players with good dribbling ability, wonderful tackling techniques, accurate shooting and passing skills are trained to exhibit their skills appropriately on the field. Our coaches regularly conduct Soccer Training Programme at TIPS, through which they individually train the students to work upon their areas of improvement. They also teach them new techniques and place them in positions according to their abilities, thereby forming a strong team with skilled players.

Develop your own style

If you watch the world’s most successful players right from Diego Maradona to Ronaldo or someone among your favourite football players, every individual has their own style of playing and that takes them to the heights. Imagine, if your favourite soccer player doesn’t possess a style of his own on the field, will you even watch his game? Would you be a fan of his? Through the Soccer Training Programme at TIPS, many skilled players are produced after being exposed to many competitive situations. The numerous practice and coaching sessions help students develop their own style. This moulds their attitude in the game. Attitude is a small thing but it makes a big difference. I remember, a few years ago, our TIPS Soccer team was pitched against a team of players who were physically well-built, while our students were comparatively light-sized. Our students, with the attitude of a lion and incredible footwork, were scoring better than their opponents. After a point, the opponents couldn’t deal with our students’ quick feet, dribbling skills and intelligence. Thus, through their own style in the game, our students won the match and set TIPS flag fly high.

Giving it a Go!

One good game is just enough to change the life of a player, be it Pelé to Lionel Messi. It’s their soccer skills and the game they played that changed their entire lifestyle. Imagine how much more our students could do with the facilities that the school provides. Everybody in the team wants to score a goal somehow, that’s why coaches advise the players to play their roles and give their best. They remind them that every goal they score belongs to the entire team and to the audience who support them. Students are trained to accept even failures because losing a few games will also teach them a good lesson.


Coaches help children grow in Soccer

Our coaches prepare the minds of students before they play any matches. They talk to them optimistically, brush up the areas of the game that the students are skilled at, and stress the importance of having fun and displaying good sportsmanship. Regardless of the score, encouraging the students to remain positive and praising them for their hard work is a highlight of this training programme. Various championships won by our students and being selected to play at the state level matches, stand testimony to the fact that The Soccer Training Programme at TIPS is an experience of never-ending fun and learning.


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