Science Expo in TIPS

The Indian Public school – Erode celebrated their inquiry on Science through the Science Expo on 28.02.2022. It was a grand event where the PYP learners participated with great enthusiasm and spirit.

Why “The Science Expo?

The Science Expo was aimed to showcase the progress of the learners in the field of science. It was also to create science interest among learners of the PYP. It is organized to develop skills among learners. They discover something that interests and amazes them. The learners develop research skills and self-management skills when they explore their science projects. When they display and expound on their projects they become good communicators. Who knows sometimes their projects may turn into new inventions which would help the future world. Beyond learning the kids would become more confident, more skilled, more mature, and more disciplined. Some of them may discover their passion.

Preparation for the Expo

Planning for everything makes a man perfect”

The Science Expo was planned by the PYP team along with the PYPC Mrs. Nadia Patel. Various ideas were brainstormed as to how they could execute the Expo. The topics given for the Expo were air, sound and light, energy and conservation, agriculture, and simple machines. The facilitators were supposed to give the topics to the learners to get them geared up for the big day. They had various discussions with the learners and motivated them to participate in the event. As the PYP learners usually inquire on most of the topics, it was an easy task for them to choose their project to be executed. They started preparing for the topic and were assisted by the facilitators. The learners started making their projects with the help of parents and facilitators.

Gearing up for the projects 

“When there are right people to support you, everything is possible”

As the parent community needed instructions on the Science Expo, an instructional guide was prepared by the team and sent to the parent community. Some posters were also prepared to be sent to the parents. The facilitators took time to explain certain things to the parents as and when they called to clear their doubts. The students were encouraged to make their projects with the help of their parents. Some students made changes to their projects with the discussions they had with facilitators. Later the projects were prepared according to the given topics. Most of the projects were working models. They were also supported by posters which were self-explanatory.

The Big Day “Science Expo

The budding scientists put up their projects and we had our parent community to witness the event. The learners explained their project beautifully with confidence. We were able to see the “Little Scientists “in them. There were judges from the CBSE and Cambridge to evaluate them on their projects. The Principal Mr. Ashish Bhatnagar visited the Primary Expo and the Learners were questioned by him, the judges the parents. The learners answered to every single question posed to them. This showed their understanding and interest in the subject. Throughout the event, they were energetic and willing to explain their working models. Every child gave their heart and soul for the Science Expo. The PYPC Mrs. Nadia Patel and the facilitators encouraged them right from the start. Many parents gave good feedback in writing for the Expo. Some of them voiced out their feedback orally which was recorded. There was much learning and sharing at the Expo. Their projects were innovative and thoughtfully done. It was seen that all projects catered to sustainability. Thus the “Science Expo” 2022 was a grand success and a wonderful experience for the learners and the PYP team.

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