School Photography Club and It’s Importance

School Photography Club And It's Importance.
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School Photography Club lets students take home tons of memories, as well as the tricks to capture these beautiful moments. Photographs and photography play an important role in all our lives. We all have pictures of ourselves, the things we love,beautiful sceneries, etc. And photography is something beyond that. It is not just a way to express the beauty of things in the world, but also the beauty in the photographer’s mind. There is a famous saying by Frederick R. Barnard, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. There is beauty in every small thing around us which we often fail to notice and enjoy. It is one way through which people see deeper into the things they like and appreciate them better.

Every Frame Is a Painting

Photography gives young minds a different perspective of things.

Photography is a way to shape human perception.

Say you stand below a beautiful cherry blossom tree and make a portrait of it. What if every person does the same from the same spot and angle? You’ll end up having multiple copies of the similar portrait. On the other hand, a photograph of the tree becomes different from the actual tree that people see when the angles of focus are changed. The bottom view creates another beauty, the close shot of the flowers another and the list goes on. Overall,photography is a way to convey to people the images you see in your mind. Mastering photography through a school photography club not only helps students in the micro aspects of this art but also on a broader level in life.


Photography is not just clicking pictures, it’s about keen analysis and observation.Eventually, this will become a healthy habit in real life. To get a good click, a student needs to be observant of the location, subject and other tiny details they want in the picture. At TIPS, school photography is also a form of storytelling.

Every frame has a beautiful story

Each photograph taken in school has a story. The stronger the portrayal of the story, the better the photo. Overall, photography is more of a mental exercise. One has to capture the photo in his mind before capturing it on the camera. This can help students develop and exhibit their creativity, and also make them learn and develop a skill. Ultimately, it also enables them to capture moments that they can cherish for a lifetime.

Bringing Out The Best

Every child has an element of creativity in them. At TIPS, we encourage students to showcase that creativity through their photographic skills. We have an exclusive School Photography Club that brings out the best in them and guides them. Photography of every event in and by the school is handled by this club. We also conduct a photography exhibition every year. Students are encouraged to participate in various photography contests as well. Photography also brings students closer to culture and nature. Through all this, students get to see and imagine the world with a much wider,broader and colorful perspective.

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