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Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards is a recognition given to all the high performing Cambridge learners every June and November.

“While education enlightens the path to success, awards motivate people to keep going.”

Cambridge Assessment International Education offers ‘Top in the World’, ‘Top in Country’, ‘High Achievement’, ‘Top in Region’ and ‘Best Across’ awards. This is to appreciate and motivate smart learners to keep climbing their ladder of success.

Learners get awarded based on their standard mark for each subject. Now, what’s a standard mark? The highest mark scored by Cambridge learners from all around the world, for each subject, is the standard mark.

Cambridge will always try to determine the true learning of the children in the exams by using grade thresholds. Grade thresholds for different grades of every subject will vary slightly in every series, taking into consideration the difficulty of the question paper, the nature of the expected answers and the actual student responses.

In this way, grades are provided to each student based on their standard mark.


awards are the best rewards for hard work

When a student, globally, scores the highest standard mark in a particular subject, then they shall be awarded TOP IN THE WORLD award. It is important to note that each subject shall have its own highest scorer, each year. However, when another student scores the same highest standard mark in the same subject, then they shall also get ‘Top in the World’ award.


This award is for that student who scores the highest standard mark in a particular subject, nationally. However, the TOP IN COUNTRY award will be shared with another student if they score the exact highest standard mark in the same subject. As each year brings in a new set of students, the award winners keep varying.


When a student scores the highest standard mark, within a country, in a subject that’s not widely chosen, they get the HIGH ACHIEVEMENT award. This category also includes those subjects that are not qualified to be under the TOP IN COUNTRY award category.


When Cambridge learners, from a particular region, score the highest standard mark in a single subject, they receive the TOP IN REGION award. However, Egypt, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are the only countries to recognize this award category. When more than one learner scores the highest standard mark, the award is given to each of the achievers.


Students can choose around eight subjects in Cambridge IGCSE or Cambridge O Level, four subjects in Cambridge International AS Level and three subjects in Cambridge International A Level.

Out of these many subjects, when a student receives the highest cumulative total standard marks along with an A* grade in each of the specified number of subjects, they receive BEST ACROSS award.



TIPS Cambridge achievers

Our TIPS Cambridge team proudly celebrates many student achievers in various fields, every year. One such achievement is the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards. Our students, by receiving one BEST ACROSS 8 award last year in IGCSE and also three TOP IN COUNTRY awards this year for their November exam series have added a feather in their caps. We are delighted and proud about having created a high standard for our own future achievements and for all the other Cambridge schools in our region.

TIPS, through its cutting-edge infrastructural facilities and effective teacher community, shall continue to guide and support all Tipsians in this path of progress. We aim to move from strength to strength and will work towards higher achievements year on year.

For further reference on Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, refer https://bit.ly/3mVvKFD


NOTE: Written with inputs from TIPS ERODE INTERNATIONAL PDC Head and Cambridge Exam Officer, Mr. MADAN KUMAR

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