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Effective teachers work for the advancement of their students

Effective teachers are the potters who mould the clay from its raw form. They work for the advancement of their students by teaching them and also learning from them.


“An effective teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkle them with love and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow’s dreams.”


Can you imagine a future without teachers? How would the world or society be?

Wouldn’t society be deprived of its goodness and its ability to keep away from the bad? Would ‘educating the masses leads to long-term growth’ still be an active mission? Definitely not!

In the absence of effective teachers

In the absence of teachers, the scope for learning reduces, leading to a destruction in the education system and its mission. When there’s no education, there’ll be no sharing of knowledge, which leads to null IQ. When mankind suffers from such deficiency, would good governance ever prevail? Would there be unity, order and discipline? Would there be any growth and development in lifestyles?

In short, a world without teachers would be a dark world.

An effective teacher educates students

The persistent and foremost teacher to mankind is nature, which is why there’s no world in the absence of nature.

Similarly, as men and women shifted from caves to huts and to cement houses, they also developed their education systems and practices.

Schools and colleges are one of the greatest innovations of mankind because they let students learn from teachers and vice versa too.

Effective teachers educate students in various social, political, economic, environmental, physical and mental aspects. Books are the assistants for teachers and not the only source of information.

Effective teachers at TIPS

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

However, teachers are not born geniuses but are mentors who are always in the making. As a teacher, it is their responsibility to cope with the fast evolving world and student community.

A strong responsibility lies in the hands of the educational institutions which should focus on training their teachers regularly through effective workshops, informative webinars and similar such activities.

TIPS, undoubtedly lays many platforms that’ll help its teaching staff to update themselves with new teaching techniques, student psychologies and workplace culture.

Therefore, teachers at TIPS keep learning because they understand that there’s no such thing as ‘I’ve learnt everything.’

By being part of the effective teaching staff at TIPS

You can enhance your teaching skills not just for a great career but for continually growing in your art of work. For this, all you need is a steady and a strong-willed determination to better your teaching skills while the right opportunities will be provided to you by TIPS management.

In fact, the working environment for TIPS teachers is a more friendly, integral and fair one. This will make you work in your comfort zone while you simultaneously learn to break your barriers to self-development.

“Without  effective teachers, life would have no class.”

Be a teacher to be the reason behind the making of a healthy, informative and peaceful future. Create a class for living by educating the younger generation to be the future leaders of tomorrow.

Teach and grow along with The Indian Public group of Schools and its students because there’s no tomorrow without an effective teacher.


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