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The binaries of emotion

The basic binaries of emotion are love and fear. Love is associated with positive emotions and fear with negative emotions. All positive emotions like joy, pride, gratitude, etc., have their roots in love. Similarly, fear forms the base for all negative emotions like anger, jealousy, violence, etc. Though it doesn’t feel pleasant to experience negative emotions, they are still an inevitable part of life, something that we need to experience as part of a full and rich life.

manage our emotions

Negative emotions encourage us to act in ways that increase our survival chances and help us grow and develop. As important as it is for us to learn to boost our positive emotions and benefit out of the opportunities they bring, it is equally important for us to adapt from negative emotions and cope with them effectively. Do not consider your emotions as cages and fear your feelings; they always tell us something and teach us something. Learn from them and keep moving in life.

Don’t hold back

As human beings, it is normal for us to exhibit our emotions, so don’t feel bad to break down when you are low. We need to understand that everybody is going through something in life; it is impossible for any of us to stay strong at all times. It is ok to be not ok at times in our life. Dare to be vulnerable, understand that challenges make us grow stronger. We need to fight the setbacks we face, thereby empowering ourselves. Our belief should be that our story has a value and it would be an inspiration to someone, somewhere, someday. Deepika Padukone, who underwent severe episodes of depression, gave a tough fight, bounced back and was strong enough to share her experiences publicly, thereby transforming into an inspiration for so many of us.

Life isn’t always rosy

At times in our life, we come across people who behave inhumanly or incidents that do not happen the way we expect. We should not bother or try to change them but learn to be tolerant. We need to have the clarity that there are certain things that cannot be changed, and when we try to change them we will ultimately end up hurting ourselves. Lack of understanding and an inability to manage emotions may have caused the unfortunate and early demise of a young and promising talent like actor Sushanth Singh Rajput.

Nobody’s perfect

To err is human and it is impossible for anyone to be perfect always. Accept your flaws and weaknesses. Never try to defend or wear a mask to project what you are not. Try to drop the mask and appreciate the reality in you. Don’t live your life to please others. In Japanese culture if a glass accidentally cracks they never try to hide it; on the contrary, they try to make the crack look beautiful by embossing a design around it. Celebrate the beauty in everything. There is a unique loveliness in the smile of a two-year-old child as well as in an eighty-year-old woman’s face with wrinkles; in-between comes the fakeness with masks. Live in reality and appreciate everything without trying to erase the facts.

It’s all in you

emotional happiness

Identifying, accepting, and managing our emotions—both positive and negative—is an important task for living a healthy and happy life. Let there be a blend of both positive and negative emotions, dancing together, yet apart, but not merging, but not crushing. Emotions are our own, where we dive deep into to open our hearts and minds, to construct a life that we desire. It is up to us to feel, unravel everything and construct a new life with a fresh start.



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