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  • Arts and Music

    Arts and Music

    TIPS students work in a wide range of 2D and 3D media, including painting, drawing, collage, and computer graphics. There is an emphasis in student artwork on individuality and creativity in response to research as well as in response to spontaneous art activity as part of the academic curriculum.

  • Leadership Camps

    Leadership Camps

    We are partnered with the National Adventure and Leadership School (NALS) to integrate Leadership Camps into our curriculum, held at their facility in the Western Ghat Mountains.

  • Commute


    Welcome to the TIPS Transportation Department – working with families to transport their children safely and efficiently between home and school in new generation vehicles.

  • Dance


    Historically, dancing has been a part of our established society since the days of the primitive man. In the old civilizations, dance was always a signal that proves for something important had happened, will happen or is happening.

  • Residential Facility

    Residential Facility

    Welcome to our 'home away from home' where unity and cultural diversity are celebrated in equal measure. The TIPS residences are an integral part of the school community, offering separate-wing accommodation for boys and girls.

  • Fine Dining

    Fine Dining

    The Catering Department at TIPS, enabling us to employ and train all our own chefs. We take great pride in our autonomy as it allows us to produce the type of creative, fresh and nutritious food that appeals to our multicultural community.

  • STEM


    STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEM education not only addresses the demand for scientists and engineers but also is a key component of responsible, global citizenship.

  • Competitive Exam Training

    Competitive Exam Training

    TIPS offers training and coaching for major examinations in partnerships with reputed providers:

    • Foundation and Advanced program for national competitive exams.
    • National scholastic tests.
    • Olympiads.

    TIPS Career Guidance Placement Services

    The joy of finishing school is often subdued by the anxiety and apprehension over what is to be done next. Students and parents find themselves fretting over an endless array of career options, best institutes and popular courses, even before the child enters 9th grade.

  • Weekend Leisure

    Weekend Leisure

    The residential children have the option of enjoying age appropriate movies from a vast library of movies under various categories like, science fiction, comedy, action etc. Movies are screened on Saturday evenings.

  • An Exceptional Sports Programme


    Welcome to TIPS, where we offer an energetic and diverse sports programme. We aim 'to promote and teach the values associated with healthy living, encouraging a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity', thereby making a major contribution to the overall education of our students.

  • Field Trips

    Field Trips

    Learning in New Environments
    Having Fun
  • Other Events

    Other Events

    TIPS encourages every student to engage in a rich and diverse student life. From Pre-K to 12th Grade, across day & boarding, our schools support a comprehensive range of academic, extracurricular, sports, field trip, community service, expeditions and leadership camps that aim to stimulate as well as inspire student participation.

Residential Facility

Welcome to our 'home away from home' where unity and cultural diversity are celebrated in equal measure.

The TIPS residences are an integral part of the school community, offering separate-wing accommodation for boys and girls.

In our diverse but shrinking world society, the Residence provides a relaxed, friendly home for students from a wealth of cultures. We actively celebrate the cultural diversity of our student body, and promote internationalism as an intrinsic part of boarding life.

We aim to make every student aware that they are important individuals, and encourage them to develop into mature and responsible global citizens. We also believe that the boarding experience should encourage positive involvement, with students engaged in a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

The Residences have live-in teacher supervisors who are each assigned a group of students to support, plus school counsellors, and a campus nurse. It is vital to recognise that, in conjunction with parents, the Residence, and its highly trained staff serve the needs of the whole student - academic, physical, personal, and emotional.

Many friendships made here will endure a lifetime, and all will widen a student's understanding and appreciation of world cultures and customs. This is a special experience, and the more a student puts into the programme, the more he or she will gain from it.

The Facilities

Students have use of the Internet, Library, games rooms, and a boarders-only dining hall for breakfast and dinner. At lunch students use the purpose-built dining complex which serves up a healthy and nutritionally-balanced diet that fully embraces the multicultural diversity of our student body.

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