TIPS provides a safe haven for students to seek emotional support and guidance in order to manage challenges that they may encounter in their student life especially for adolescence children.

Students are referred by the concerned Teachers , Grade Leads and Coordinators to the Counselors.

The students are encouraged to speak up in order to ease the pressure in their minds. Some challenges that arise due to changes many which are unexpected and beyond our control. These may lead to stress, anger, anxiety , frustration, despair , fear, panic and loneliness. So the counseling cell helps with:

  • Adjusting to new roles in a new environment.
  • Challenges in family due to relocation , chronic illness, death, divorce and financial issues.
  • Loss of friends, family member or self confidence.
  • Sudden changes in mood, sleep patterns and appetite.
  • Bullying and abuse.
  • Drastic drop in academics.
  • Addiction
  • Learning needs and challenges

We care and we will help children understand that they need not suffer alone. We may not be able to change the situation, but certainly with a new view and more understanding we can change the attitude and response for the better. We maintain and observe confidentiality wherever necessary.