The classroom is the green house that nurtures talent and creativity. At TIPS, teachers relegate to the role of resource or material providers, whereas students take the centre stage of constructing knowledge, and drawing inferences. The environment empowers students to be active participants and lifelong learners through engaging, relevant, significant and challenging classroom practices. We emphasize students to think critically and communicate effectively to explore local and global issues. Teachers implement effective measures to evaluate students’ learning outcomes.

Mathematics has many facets with a wealth of applications. It is both a science, and an art, in its own right.

Our math lab facilitates inquiry in mathematics. It is a place for students to discover mathematics by experimenting and exploring patterns and ideas through activities and games. It helps students to visualize, manipulate and reason through concrete activities thus laying down a firm foundation for more abstract thinking. It offers more scope for individual participation and encourages students to become independent learners and allows them to learn at their own pace.

Library plays a vital role in our school program. It provides a flexible space with a wide and inclusive range of resources to support learning and teaching throughout the school. It has a balanced collection of resources to support inquiry and also reflects and represents the diverse learning styles, cultures, beliefs and mother tongue languages of students within the school.