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International Programme IB / Cambridge

Montessori & EYP – Early Year Program


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We have the best range of choices in education for today’s children who face new challenges in a rapidly changing world. We offer Montessori, International Baccalaureate-IB-EYP-Early Year Programme, PYP-Primary Year Programme, Cambridge/IGCSE and CBSE. We welcome you for a candid discussion to address all your queries as well as prevalent myths surrounding international curriculum and methodology. Our educational consultants will guide you as to the best choice for your child. We are futuristic in our approach and provide a holistic education looking beyond rote learning and mere academic emphasis to help transform a child into a good human being and well-adjusted member of society.

About TIPS

Grow Responsibly

TIPS was founded by Dr. S. Chinnusamy in the year 2004. These doctors of medicine turned educationists, embarked on this path with a vision to reach out to thousands of children, to transform them into good human beings and successful citizens through holistic education and spiritual growth.



Managing Director

The Indian Public School strives hard and smart to transform youngsters into proactive and compassionate human beings. We look beyond academic emphasis and groom our students into well-rounded, good human beings because we care about them.

TIPSIANS are taught to make a positive difference to everyone they encounter in their lifetime. We do away with all barriers of race, colour, caste and creed by celebrating a multicultural mix in school, introducing global student and teacher exchange programmes, participation in global competitions and conferences.

We aim at creating a happy environment and love to see happy faces around the entire campus. Our culture and best practices revolve around kindness, love, and care through which we foster confidence and positivity. Our students walk tall with their chests out and chins held high; however, their spirit of gratitude and humanity make them natural leaders and successful entrepreneurs in the global sphere.

We strive to take our students to the next level, which is often the global level. Children who come to us for education are given opportunities to excel to the best of their natural abilities, whatever be their field of choice.

Live the experience



  • Deliver an infrastructure that is on par with global standards, conducive for collaborative learning and performing
  • Provide an open, happy and secure environment for all our stakeholders
  • Ensure each of our learning engagements is knowledge focused, skill focused and has relevance to real-life applications
  • Embrace an integrated approach towards teaching and learning
  • Achieve 3E’s – Extraordinary Education, Extraordinary Exposure & Extraordinary Experience to compete globally

Our Philosophy

We facilitate a safe, friendly and constructive school climate for our stakeholders, where they can be themselves and openly express their opinions, where they feel secure and learn to live virtuously. We believe that every child is unique and that children learn better when they are in a happy state of mind. Our learning engagements are designed to focus on developing skills that are required to become confident, lifelong learners to face the future. Integration of academic knowledge and skills across different scholastic and co-scholastic disciplines makes sure every learning leads to meaningful action.
We provide curriculum that is dynamic, encompassing, balanced, rigorous and relevant towards supporting children to be confident and well rounded. It is incessantly reviewed and revised to enhance student learning. Building research attitude in children to comprehend and approach local to global issues, and to create new knowledge is our commitment towards a brighter and better world. We are committed to creating ample opportunities for children to explore, learn and grow, thus providing exposure to the immediate world and beyond. We recognize and identify the strengths of children; foster them to follow their heart, motivate them to take up new challenges, believe in competing with themselves and improve, and help them realize the need to grow responsibly.

News and Events

Going beyond the curriculum, we believe in nurturing our students’ individual talents in Arts & Crafts, Music, Drama, Dance and Sports. It allows students to set skill-based goals in multiple areas. The holistic development of a child is at the centre of our educational philosophy. Accordingly, various activities and events are conducted in school from time to time. House, inter-house and inter-school competitions are some platforms for students to exhibit their learnings and skills. Students are also involved in various community service activities.

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TIPS Mascot

Strong-willed and always a force to be reckoned with, our mascot is the determined and hard-working Bull. ‘TIPS BULLS’ is our team name whereby students participate in various inter-school competitions.

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June 2024