Creating ample opportunities to explore, learn & grow

Building a research attitude to approach local to global issues
An integrated approach towards teaching and learning

The best range of choices in education for today’s children

The best range of choices in education for today’s children

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We hope to provide you with an insight into our vibrant, creative, and happy school to give your child the best start to discover a world of opportunities.

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An environment where exploring is magnified

Extraordinary Education, Exposure and Experience is what we strive to take our students to the next level, which is often the global level.

Our culture and best practices revolve around kindness, love, and care through which we foster confidence and positivity. Children who come to us for education are given opportunities to excel to the best of their natural abilities, whatever be their field of choice.

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    How does TIPS helps in nurturing a child's holistic development?

    Breeding individuality and developing the creative innovators of tomorrow to lead, inspire and excel as lifelong learners


    Knowledge made visible with a Stroke of Perfection


    An art with self-expression, compassion & collaboration


    Strong as an individual but together we are invincible

    Dance and Music

    Slay to the rhythm, a conversation between the body and soul

    Design and Media

    Power of pure communication without a word


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    “The 3 years I spent at TIPS, were the years that changed the way my life worked. What was once a clueless aspiration was molded into the goals I needed to pursue lifelong. Each year, I was offered a new opportunity followed by a different learning ...”
    Ram Kishore Ravichandran
    Student Cambridge International
    “You need to dream before your dreams can come true. This school undoubtely gives you the platform to achieve what you desire to. Your mentors always keep you motivated during hard times. Strive hard and do your best. Good Luck!”
    Rohit Bohra
    Christ University
    “You reap what you sow” - some fundamental characteristics of a person are set at much earlier stages. I realize Tips gave me compassion, it gave me healthy competition and above all the value of friendships. I believe my batch, my seniors..."
    Gokul M. C
    Research Scholar, PhD at NUS, Singapore

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