Gratitude Day

Teaching our kids to say THANK YOU is important but truly instilling a sense of gratitude in them is another matter entirely. “Gratitude goes beyond good manners – it is a mind set and a life style” – quotes Andrea Rasa – Happiness Coach. We, in TIPS Family strongly vouch with this and hence to kickstart the sense of gratitude, we celebrated THE GRATITUDE DAY in our TIPS BOARDING HOUSE on 19th and 20th October 2019. The boarders of both the CBSE and International campus served food to all the cooks, helpers and dhobis who serve them year long. On Sunday – 20th of October, all the helpers were relieved from their day to day duties and alternatively, children engaged themselves in all the chores. To mark their love and regard for these supporting staff, boarders presented them with thank you cards and small gifts designed and prepared by student themselves. The children expressed that they are looking forward for more of such happenings as these acts of gratitude increased the level of happiness for both the children and the supporting staff, creating a positive environment. By nurturing gratitude as a skill in children, they will develop empathy, curb entitlement behaviour and learn to celebrate the people who serve them!!!

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