Graduation Day and Farewell 2023

The ceremony took place in the campus’s grand auditorium, decorated withcolorful flowers and lights.

The graduates, dressed in their gowns and caps,

marched down the aisle to the sound of applause and cheers from their families

and friends.

The ceremony was presided over by the school’s Managing Director, Dr. Shivkumar

who gave an inspiring speech and encouraged them to continue striving for

excellence. Academic Director Ms. Tamilarasi spoke about the student’s

achievements and how the students’ have evolved over the years.

Principal, Mr. Ashish Bhatnagar shared the following with the students:

“As you embark on a new journey, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. May you be successful in all your pursuits and continue to make us proud.

Remember, you will always be a part of our school family, and we will be cheeringyou on every step of the way. God bless you all”

The graduates were then called upon the stage, one by one, to receive their

degrees, certificates, and awards.

The atmosphere was electric, with the air filled with a sense of accomplishmentand optimism for the future. The first-ever graduation ceremony of TIPS

International Campus was indeed a proud moment for everyone involved and

marked the beginning of a new era for the school.

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June 2024