What is Global Perspectives?

“GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES is not about regular courses that we are learning in
classrooms, it’s about how you see the world’s changing challenges and relates to your real life!!”

As a matter of fact, Global Perspectives is a platform for blooming students’, which supports
independent Critical thinking and research skills. A Global Perspective is wide ranging vision which shapes
how you look on and understand your own identity and the identity of the people you are meeting with.
A global mindset encloses understanding of globalisation and the connection between the regions in the
world in economics, social and political sphere.
In Cambridge Global Perspectives, we use various strategies to improve the skills that strengthen
the students’ understanding of content.

Why Global Perspectives?

We chose Global Perspectives at Cambridge Lower Secondary and IGCSE levels because it helps
our students to think outside the classrooms and outside themselves as they are going to be global
citizens later. This innovative Skill- Based Programme stimulates the learners to explore real world
challenges. This paved the way to discover their transferable skills like critical thinking, collaboration etc.
And we are fostering the students to take up Cambridge International A level.
Cambridge Lower Secondary Global Perspectives is taught through a series of Challenges. Each
Challenge encourages learners to become independent, active and lifelong learners. They include
activities that follow an active learning approach to support the development of a particular skill. They
also include guidance on how to encourage learners to consider and connect personal, local and global

Who is it for?

Cambridge Global Perspectives provides platform for the students aged 5 to 19 to develop the
skills that they need to be successful in the future careers. We, at TIPS Salem offering Cambridge Global
Perspectives at Secondary levels i.e. Lower Secondary, IGCSE, AS & A Level.
Learners aged 11 to 14 years can take up Cambridge Lower Secondary Global Perspectives
Programme. The curriculum ensures the development of 6 basic skills like research, analysis, evaluation,
reflection, collaboration and communication.
Learners aged 14 to 16 years can be eligible for Cambridge IGCSE Programme. This provides
excellent preparation for Cambridge International AS & A Level Global Perspectives and Research. It is a
cross – curricular and skill based programme which includes team work, presentations, projects and
working with learners around the world.

Bring World into the classroom

Students who wished to participate effectively in the global community, they will need to develop
global competence. Like attitudes, knowledge, and skills needed to live and work in today’s
interconnected world and to build a sustainable, peaceful, inclusive world for the future. Global
competence is often, labeled as “21st century skill” which is very much needed for employment in today’s
economy. Yet global competence is so much more than a gateway to a competitive job. Students also
need global competence to participate as empathetic, engaged, and effective citizens of the world.

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