Exercises during and after online classes

exercises during and after online classes
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The 2020 pandemic has changed the course of education from traditional practices to online methods. The need for the hour is inevitable, which is why schools have adopted the online teaching and learning forum for both teachers and students. Through online classes, students connect with the respective teachers. However, the pupils’ critical challenge is the issue related to health, especially eyes and overall body movement. In this regard, exercises for kids at home and during class hours are mandatory and the major responsibility lies with the parents and teachers.

exercise and stay fit

The human body requires regular activity to burn excess calories, stimulate metabolism and stay fit and healthy. Online classes might seem a restriction to such physical movements.

Keeping eyes healthy is of utmost priority

Continuous exposure to digital screens for long hours might affect vision. However, taking regular intervals and doing a few eye exercises will help students and teachers keep their vision intact. Most of the TIPS teachers encourage students to roll their eyes to the right, left, up and down for around 2 minutes before starting their online classes. During class hours, students are reminded to blink their eyes often. After every period, the students are given 10 minutes off to go to an open space (within their house limits) to practise long-sight viewing so as to maintain a balance between short and long distance vision.

Morning exercises for students

Generally, online class schedule for students is around 3 hours on an average across grades, excluding lunch and other quick breaks, with minimum physical activity. Owing to this, a student’s concentration levels may drop, further adding to slackness, irritation and boredom. Morning exercises like skipping, heel touches, short runs and Surya Namaskar are essential for boosting the body’s energy and sharpening the mind.

TIPS encourages students to exercise

Suggested list of practices for students during breaks and after-class

  • Use your palms, rub it to make it warm, then place it on your closed eyes for a few minutes to relax your eyes.
  • Avoid any immediate use of mobile phones or other screens, instead lie down for a while with your eyes closed.
  • Relax your body muscles by taking a quick jog or a brief walk around the house. Try out some warm-up exercises like hand and leg stretches, squats and frog jumps.
  • Attend to your head movements too. Exert a little pressure with your hands to tilt your head in all 4 directions for about 10 seconds per tilt. Please do it for a few minutes to relax any neck strain.
  • Deep breathing mindfulness exercises and meditation practices during breaks will provide necessary rest and improve your focus

Follow these practices every day to keep your strain at bay.


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