Early Childhood Education

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What is early childhood education?

Early childhood education typically ranges from infancy to the age of 6 years old. It is an important time in kids’ lives because during this period, a child’s development is significant, as many of life’s milestones happen during this time period, such as first words, learning to crawl, and learning to walk. Early childhood education can help in developing a lifelong love of learning in children when it is inculcated in the proper way.


High quality early childhood education gives children the best start in life and also aims to provide children with strategies that help them develop the emotional, social, and cognitive skills that are needed to become lifelong learners. Early childhood education can help children make friends, develop independence, and learn new routines. It also supports their transition to school.


  • Self-confidence is also crucial for children to navigate social challenges such as sharing, competition, and making friends. Children are more willing to take on new challenges when they feel competent and believe in themselves. This confidence will carry them throughout their life.
  • Self-control is the ability to express and manage emotions in appropriate ways and is essential for success in life and healthy development overall. It enables children to cooperate with others and cope with tantrums.
  • Learning to communicate through gestures, sounds, and words increases a child’s interest in language. These early interactions build children’s self-esteem at an early age. Later, it also improves literacy skills.
  • In early childhood education, they emphasis curiosity and thinking skills. Teachers encourage children to ask critical questions like “why”, “what”, and “how”. The positive emphasis on these questions at an early age is key to remaining curious in life and also developing thinking skills.

Learning art, music, language, and staying active are all positive signs of an excellent early childhood education.

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