Creative Online Student Activities Encouraged by Teachers at TIPS

Creative Online Student Activities Encouraged by Teachers at TIPS
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Creative online student activities at TIPS make student life interesting, especially during this COVID pandemic. Ever since this pandemic began, online classes became the cornerstone of education and thus illustrating that creativity is intelligence. In fact, it gave wings to The Wright Brothers and then let Thomas Edison’s light shine well. Meanwhile, take a look around and you’ll find that every object around you is the result of an imaginative idea. Ultimately, creative thoughts often lead to innovation and teachers at TIPS strongly agree with it. As a result, they encourage the students by assigning them loads of fun-filled creative online activities. This allows students to learn with fun and drives them to think out of the box.

Connecting the Unconnected

At TIPS, through our creative online student activities, we enhance the students’ thinking patterns by interrelating their subject with day-to-day activities. In other words, we impart knowledge by wiring across various unconnected points to bring out a circuit of learning.


Creativity stands at the centre of all education

For example, the teachers begin by asking the students about their favourite dish. Thereafter, they ask them to prepare it with the assistance of their parents. In addition, they ask the students to write down the steps involved in the process of preparation and brief about the nutritional benefits of the dish. Shortly, the child begins counting the number of family members for whom the dish has to be prepared. Secondly, the kid collects all the necessary ingredients for the dish. Thirdly, the child writes down the steps involved in the preparation. As a result, the child learns to count and understands the nutritional benefits involved. The student also learns new words by learning the names of the ingredients and finally grasps the technique to frame sentences while writing the procedure.

Creative Hands-on Learning and Discussion

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”.

Through the creative online student activities, our teachers here at TIPS assign hands-on learning activities for the higher-grade students. Such activities focus on a meaningful discussion that will provide students an arena to voice their opinions through new ideas and critical thinking. This engages them at a deeper level.


Here are a couple of inspiring ideas that students would enjoy:


MEDIA/DESIGN: If students are learning about a “real-world application”, skip the theory wherever possible and get them to dive into the real thing. For example, rather than teaching students about the basics of web designing theoretically, encourage them to create a site for something they’re passionate about. Followed by it, start a discussion on their favourite learnings or things they find difficult to learn.

MATHEMATICS: Taken from the list of excellent practical maths ideas, one way to teach velocity is to ask students to build paper aeroplanes and use calculations to predict their speed. What better way can there be to iterate such calculations?

Creativity is the greatest expression of liberty

Learn as you go

Students were initially excited about this freedom of schooling from home. Our teachers gradually started sensing how students started missing their friends, field trips and the school atmosphere that they were used to. With this in mind, our teachers soon came up with strategies that would help the students to virtually stay connected with the school environment.

Through virtual trips, students were taken on an outbound virtual trip to the zoo, museum and industries. To make students understand the importance of fitness and a healthy life, the P.E. teachers virtually demonstrated different types of fitness workouts and yoga poses. Even farewells were conducted where students were virtually saying goodbyes and wishing each other joy and happiness for their new beginnings. To sum up, teachers with their creative ideas transformed the online class into a live classroom.

At TIPS, our teachers engineer our students’ brain to be innovative through the creative online activities they assign. As a result, the students gradually become smart learners. Our teachers also prepare students to face the competitive world and be the creative minds that the world looks up to. Perhaps most of the creative minds ended up being global icons. Creativity is an area where age is no bar, thus even students can have the world admire their creative works. On the whole, these online creative activities mould students as lifelong learners and achievers.

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