Competitive Exam Coaching at TIPS

competitive exam coaching at TIPS
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Competitive exam coaching is like a piece of bread dropped into a lake and you will see fishes swarming to take a bite. Though there may be tens or hundreds, not all get a taste of it. When the piece of bread (opportunity) is dropped, only a few fishes are able to grab it quick enough. This type of fish is the one that works hard to prove it’s better than all the other fishes in the entire ocean. Same is the scenario with the job opportunities available in India.

But why do I have to take up competitive exam coaching?

Well, competitive exams open the doors to premier institutes across India and the world.


Competitive Exams are for those Who Believe In A Better Future..!

Only the best of the best gain access to them. These opportunities when tapped, turn out to settle the lives of many by placing them in top-notch companies with handsome pay. In simple terms, competitive exams are one of the paths that lead to a better future. Apart from that, competitive exams give you a sense of your position among people with similar interests. You get to know how the effort you put into your studies rewards you, and how much you have to step up to reach the top. The experience you gain from the competitive exams are invaluable. You can learn the areas you’re strong at and the study method that best suits you.

Competitive Exams-A cakewalk?

It is believed that cracking any competitive exams is hard. However, at TIPS, it’s a cakewalk as students are being coached by an experienced faculty with an amazing strategy. We mainly offer NEET and JEE coaching right from class VII to lay a foundation in students to crack the competitive exams. Students opting for this course are taught concepts in-depth. The course is integrated in such a way that students fare well, both in their challenging and public exams.


Competitive Exams Brings Out The Best In You!

The Success Story of the Competitive Exam Coaching at TIPS

Through the competitive exam coaching at TIPS, we have produced excellent results over the past few years. Many students were placed in IIT, BITS and other reputed universities across the globe. It has also produced state toppers in NEET in 2019-2020. 12 Tipsians were placed in medical colleges across India in 2020. SEEGRA (formerly known as TIPS Eduvision) also produced amazing results, with a majority scoring 90+%, in the 10th and 12th board examinations.

At TIPS, we want our students to be like those fishes that swarm quick enough to grab the bread of opportunity. Competitive exams are indeed challenging but remember challenges are what make life interesting.

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