Grade 5 – Annual Report -2020-21

Training, Seminars, Orientation and Counseling:

Each academic year, training, seminars and orientation programme are conducted for teachers and students with a dual focus to improve and effectively implement innovative ideas in teaching-learning practices as well as to take the students beyond their current level of learning.

A real teacher is one who realizes that he/she must always be a learner.

In an effort to better themselves, a considerable number of our teachers have acquired degrees in B.Ed, M.Ed as well as other professional degrees in their pursuit of knowledge.

PDC Workshops were conducted to help the facilitators resume their classes during the Pandemic Lockdown so that the teaching and learning process was not affected. Facilitators were oriented on how to use the Leaning Management Tools effectively where online classes, assignments, tests could be conducted.

Workshop details:

1 29.08.2020 Ms. Kavitha Gopal

Ms. Perciyal

Things You Should know about Flipped Classrooms
2 05.09.2020 Ms. Cynthia

Ms. Sathiakala

Positive emotions stimulate the learner‟s attention.
3 12.09.2020 Mrs. Samudra

Ms. Blossom

Common errors made while speaking.

Mispronunciation of commonly used, everyday words.

4 26.09.2020 Mr. Sri Ram

Ms. Shrila

Active Learning in

Math Classroom

5 03.10.2020 Ms. Gayathiri. N

Ms. Kalpana

“Integration of writing in science”.
6 10.10.2020 Ms. Tamilselvi

Ms. Thenmozhi

History is not the past it is present
7 24.10.2020 Ms. Kavitha. C

Ms. Jeyanirmala

“Seeing Through Illusions- Magic of Perception”

(Linking Optical Illusions with Psychology)

8 31.10.2020 Ms. Rajeswari Importance of soft skills for children and how to teach soft skills  through Science – Soft skills should be more specific like theme  work collaborative, tolerance
9 07.11.2020 Ms. Sumathi Bai

Ms. Kavitha. S






10 28.11.2020 Ms. Charanya

Ms. Hemalatha

Key principles and pedagogical approaches to writing
11 05.12.2020 Ms. Vidhya

Ms. Abirami

Stress Management – ICT & Art
12 12.12.2020 Ms. Jayalakshmi

Mr. Soundararajan. M

Impact of adolescence on physical and mental health of students. Kahoot_online game-based learning platform
13 19.12.2020 Ms. Sharmilarani

Ms. Sheeba Jeba Thangam

Innovative Ideas To Promote Creativity In Students


14 09.01.2021 Ms. Priyadarshini

Ms. Jeyaawinothini

“Media, Culture and Society”
23.01.2021 Ms. Bala Tiripura Sundari Ms. Palaniammal Case study on learning Hindi by Non-Hindi speaking children
15 30.01.2021 Mr.Radha krishnan

Ms. Kalamani


Tamil Grammar
16 06.02.2021 Ms. Santhi

Ms. Vanitha

Enrich Your Vocabulary Through Stories (How language works in a  context)
17 13.02.2021 Ms.Thenmozhi


 Tamil Grammar
19 27.02.2021 Mr. Sivakumar

Mr. Janarthanan

Self – introduction

Greeting people

Saying „Thank you!‟

Saying „excuse me‟

Miraculous words of appreciation

Conversation in other common situations

20 13.03.2021 Mr.Antony

Ms. Rajukokila

*Integrating Online classes with tech tools

*Teaching Methodlogy

*Case study, Newspaper articles, Ted Talk, Expetiential learning *Types of online assessments

*Entry Exit strategy using Padlet

21 20.03.2021 Ms. Latha. N

Ms. Dyana

Application of Mathematics in various fields


POP- Parents Orientation Programme

POP was conducted on 7th March 2021 through Microsoft Teams for parents to know and understand the learning progress.

Parents’ and Teachers’ Meeting:

A one to one meeting with the  parents is held on a regular basis through online, for the parents to be aware of the school system and to be aware of their ward’s performance in school.

If you develop a passion for learning you will never cease to grow.

Academic Activities:

Competitions and academic activities that go beyond the text books and the classrooms, encourage and foster a healthy competitive spirit and effective communication skills in the students.

Subject Activities
English Virtual Play on Gulliver’s Travels.

Debate on the topic, “Humans! The only animal in the world to fear.”

Monologue on the lesson, “An Encounter in the woods”.

Project work on Dinosaurs.

Friendship Card Activity.

Let’s explore – Vivid words.

Talk Fest – Types of sentences.

Role Play – The Bishop’s candle sticks.

Four Cups Activity – Tenses.

Puppet Show – Blue Umbrella.


Group Discussion.

Math Making of a 3-d Shape.

History of Numbers- Project.

Story board.

International MATH Day project-

Exploring Numbers.

Fraction- Dance activity.

Measurement in daily life.

Project- Data Handling.

Find Area and Perimeter of their Room.

Volume of an 3-d object(Cube/Cuboid).


Tamil Debate.

Invitation card making.

Creating Advertisement.


Simple science experiments.

Story telling.

Poem writing.

Traditional food preparation.

Writing letter to legends.

Story board.

Thirukkural recitation.

Precise writing.


Hindi Get well soon card.

Model making of  Pema’s house.

Growing Plant.

Preparing Rabadi – Sweet Recipe.

Journal – Phases of Moon.

Chromatography – Science Experiment.

Diya Making.

Pongal – To know our culture and tradition.- Information gathering.


Group Conversation on their favourite topic.



Financial Literacy

Model making – House of an early human.

Draw –  The evolution of your favourite pet animal.

Creating a food plate – Balanced diet.

Farming Game.

Story board – Development.

Interview with parents.

Soil analysis Project – Seed growth.

Designing own space craft.

Experiment with water – Properties of water.

Case study – Life of people in Pandemic.


Art African Tribal Art

Dot Art

Mandala Art

Newspaper Painting.

Dramatics Family portraits tableaux activity.

Relax and respond activity.

Shadow Puppetry.


Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities:

These are an essential part of the life of an educational institution as they strengthen the classroom learning as well as develop the personality of the child and harness the in-depth potential of students. The activities are conducted throughout the year.

It is said that you must practice like you never won and perform like you have never lost.

  • Virtual Class Assembly.
  • SLC
  • A Leader in Me – Project to elect head girl and boy of the academic year.
  • Doll Making.
  • World photography day – Photo Contest.
  • Golu Celebration
  • Role Play – Road safety Week
  • Pongal Celebration.
  • News letter.

Unique Events:

“ The Mother’s Touch” programme was conduced on 11th July 2020, through teams ,especially for mom’s to open up , share their experience during pandemic and to express their mind.

“Kadha Utsav” was conducted for students to bring out the authors in them. Students took it up on a positive note and participated with enthusiasm. From grade 5 , six students won the Preliminary round. Two of our students ( Sathyan and Uthirha ) received “Best writer’s Certificate”


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