Grade 4 Annual Report -2020-21

Morning Meditation:

Morning meditation was held every day to calm the student’s mind to get ready for the entire day.

Parents Feedback Calls:

Feedbacks were received through mobile communication to discuss about the child’s involvement in each and every activity including academics and to get the suggestions and opinions from the parents for the child’s growth in academics.

Mother’s Touch:

Mother’s Touch program was conducted online to counsel the parents, how they can take care of their kids, mentally during this pandemic.

Greeting Card Making:

A greeting card was prepared by the children to wish their father on Father’s Day. The students were encouraged in creating cards with beautiful art work for their parents.

Awareness Programme on Road safety Week:

This program was conducted to create awareness about the road safety rules. The students made posters, performed mime and painted their face to create awareness on road safety.

Special Assembly:

Special assembly was conducted to make the students understand the purpose of celebrating Navaratri, Pongal and also to appreciate various colours that involved in it.


Student Led Conference is a virtual meeting where the students have show cased their talents through various activities on different subjects.

Virtual Tour:

It was a “Virtual Planetarium show” for the students to understand our galaxy and other celestial bodies in the space.

PDC Workshops on:

  • LMS- Learning Management System.
  • Microsoft Teams.
  • Google Classrooms.
  • Strategies to improve writing skills in classroom.
  • Things You Should know about Flipped Classrooms.
  • Positive emotions stimulate the learner’s attention.
  • Common errors made while speaking. Mispronunciation of commonly used, everyday words.
  • Activity learning in Math classroom.
  • “Integration of writing in science”.
  • History is not the past it is present.
  • “Seeing Through Illusions- Magic of Perception”. (Linking Optical Illusions with Psychology)
  • Importance of soft skills for children and how to teach soft skills through Science – Soft skills should be more specific like theme, work collaborative, tolerance.
  • Geometry -Real life Applications.
  • Key principles and pedagogical approaches to writing.
  • Impact of adolescence on physical and mental health of students. Kahoot_online game-based learning platform.
  • Innovative Ideas to Promote Creativity in Students.
  • “Media, Culture and Society”.
  • Case study on learning Hindi by Non-Hindi speaking children.
  • Enrich Your Vocabulary Through Stories. (How language works in a context)
  • Miraculous words of appreciation.
  • Integrating Online classes with tech tools.

External Workshops:

  • “Video and Audio editing tools”.
  • “Recent development & Advancement”.
  • Make learning more interesting for lower primary using kids portal.
  • Presentation tool.
  • Paint and Editing tools.
  • Online assessment tools.
  • Format conversion tools.
  • Video and Audio Editing tools.
  • Utilizing digital platform website mobile app, YouTube channels.
  • World Wide best practices.
  • Tips and Tricks for improving English communication of online classes.
  • Online assessment tools.
  • Effective online examination and valuation.
  • How to prepare effective presentation for online teaching.
  • Online teaching with whiteboard tools.
  • Teaching Pre-A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers online.
  • Utilisation of AR & VR Tools.
  • Art Integration with reference to NEP.
  • Experiential learning-CBSE.
  • Jodogyan workshop. (Math workshop)
  • Jodogyan Foundation Workshop.
  • The art of question making in online Hindi Teaching and teaching method
  • Creative and vocational teaching of Hindi: Possibilities and Challenges
  • Hindi language Teaching-Activity based Grammar learning through Virtual Platform
  • Art Integrated Learning- Creating Joyful classrooms
  • Joyful & Effective Teaching – Learning in Hindi.
  • Tamil language teaching– எளிய முறையில் இலக்கணப் பயிற்சி

Facilitators were oriented on how to use the Learning Management Tools effectively where online classes, assignments, tests could be conducted.

Parents’ and Teachers’ Meeting:

A General Meeting with the parents held on a regular basis for the parents to be aware of the school system and to be aware of their ward’s performance in school.

June 2024