Grade 1-3 Annual report 2020-21

Teacher training :

PDC trainings on topics like student well being, online tools, story telling strategies, school policy orientation ,subject specific workshops were conducted both in campus and through outside organization .

Parent Teachers Meeting:

Open forum with parents conducted at scheduled intervals to share the learning progression of students and check on the developmental milestones.

PIP-Parent Involvement Programme- Parents shared their lock down learning with the school community in the online platform. They shared their hobbies and ideas that kept them busy without falling into the lockdown fatigue.

Reading Support Programme: Home reading is a fantastic opportunity for the child to practice and reinforce the reading skills.Parents were oriented on the reading programme ,reading resources along with reading ladder shared with parents to self assess the students reading fluency and progression.

Academic Activities:

Academic activities include Student Led conferences, awareness programmes, Virtual field trips to Mysuru zoo and Australia zoo ,Celebrations integrated with different subjects like Science day, Martyr’s day, Mango Day, Augmented reality day, Parent Appreciation day, Navratri, DIwali and Pongal. Special Assemblies were conducted to commemorate Independence day , Republic Day, Teachers day, World Peace day and Environment day.

Extra curricular activities:

Various activities to strengthen student participation and enjoy the virtual platform were conducted throughout the year. Events like Photography contest, Sahodaya drawing competition, dance events, Rangoli, pot painting, Poster making, art enhancing activities, greeting card making, cookery, trash to treasure craft works were conducted throughout the year.

Games and sports:

Inorder to maintain physical fitness of students, yoga and physical exercises activities were provided throughout.To support the mental well being of the students everyday mindfulness activities were embedded in the online classes.

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