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The comfort of home at TIPS Erode


cbse schools feel like home - TIPS Erode

Students spend at least 7 hours at school every day, and they continue to do the same for 12 years straight. This statistical data proves that kids stay at school more than their homes. Our home is our dream; each wall, curve, tile and design will reflect our thoughts and tastes, which is why after a tedious day or a fun-filled day, we always go back home to be ourselves and relax. Now, shouldn’t schools give students the same comfort and belongingness? TIPS Erode infrastructure answers this question without any glitch. The Indian Public School Erode is an institution with innovative pillars, concrete bricks and an alluring architecture which imparts knowledge, wisdom, skills, experience and a better future to all its pupils. 

A microscopic insight into TIPS CBSE School, Erode

The Indian Public School Erode (CBSE) has the best infrastructure that boosts comfort, concentration and collaboration to both students and teachers without any compromises. The signboard at the entrance of TIPS Erode will direct you to:

  • Admin office
  • Primary block
  • Swimming pool
  • Auditorium & badminton court
  • Food court
  • Cultural block
  • Girls’ hostel
  • Boys’ hostel
  • Tennis & basketball court
  • Soccer field


Apart from these, the Art gallery, TIPS Kids newsroom and Volleyball court at TIPS Erode expose students to various other extracurricular activities.

An infirmary, monitored by a professional nurse gives space for sick students to rest and serves as a mini-hospital for pupils who need medical support. 

TIPS CBSE School, Erode, also has a separate block called the Secondary block where grades 6-12 are accommodated. 

A school goes a step ahead when it satisfies its pupils’ hunger. TIPS Erode has a fine dining hall and a well-trained catering group that feeds students, teachers and non-teaching staff with tasty food. TIPS Erode mess acts like a mother’s kitchen for all the boarding students. 

Classrooms and Labs that facilitate co-curricular activities

Isn’t it true that classrooms create an intellectual generation? The answer is a big ‘YES.’

fun at cbse school - TIPS Erode

But how? 

A classroom is not just a space covered with four walls but is also a room with a door of opportunities and windows of skill building. The soft boards of the classrooms are pinned with different chart work and projects to keep the classroom environment lively and engaging. Every class has an Educomp, which is a next-generation smart learning suite, installed to support a futuristic learning environment.

The Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer labs at TIPS Erode enrich students in their co-curricular understandings and activities. Each lab has its advanced technologies and equipment to help the students adapt to new software and techniques.

Other infrastructural facilities

Erode TIPS infrastructure provides one of the best restroom facilities with 24*7 water supply and regular sanitation. There are separate restrooms for boys and girls, and male and female staff in adequate numbers on each floor of both Primary and Secondary blocks. 

‘Books make you travel without moving your feet.’

The fully air-conditioned libraries with classics and latest books of all genres help students and teachers get a comfortable and cheerful reading experience. They transcend to an imaginary world along with the stories they read, keep up with current affairs through the newspapers they scan, collect extra information and make notes from the reference books.

With advanced classrooms and labs, comfortable boarding facilities, extended sports facilities, an efficient cultural block and art room, fine dining hall, a spacious and outstanding auditorium, and so much more, The Indian Public School Erode is a destination that you as a student would never want to miss.   

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