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Writing a blog but not sure how to go about it? Sit back and read. By the end of this page, you’ll know how!

Think first

Don’t start penning content immediately. Take a moment to reflect on who your audience is. Once you determine that pretty much anyone with internet access and interest in the topic could be reading it including friends, family, colleagues, peers, basically, anybody in the whole wide world, you realise your content must be useful, precise and easy to understand. Figure out your content by framing some questions first. What need or problem does your blog address? What solution can you offer? Anything unique about that? How does your audience benefit from implementing them?


a good blog is one that captures the interest of the reader but a great one moves them to action.


A useful acronym – keep it short and simple. Stick to commonly used words. Bear in mind not everyone who’s reading has that Master’s degree you do. As a thumb rule, an eighth grader should be able to understand what you’ve written. Say things in the shortest and simplest way possible. Avoid ornamental adjectives and adverbs. Most people don’t have the patience to look up a dictionary. If you expect someone to read your whole blog, keep it to around 500 words. Anything over that is likely to have people just ‘scan over’ without actually reading. Use reader-friendly fonts. Don’t make people guess if that’s a T or an S or an F. Size your font right for comfortable reading all the way.

Just like a conversation

Flow into the topic like you would in a conversation with another human being. You don’t just jump from one unrelated thing to another do you, in a conversation? Same rule here. Introduce a subject you want to write about, then follow a logical sequence covering all relevant points and sum up or wrap the conversation with a brief concluding summary at the end. Break into different paragraphs just like you would take a pause when you talk. Use subheadings. Remember lazy people just read ‘bold text.’ Write in active voice, not passive.

Picture & Pathos


picture and pathos can be your best friends when writing a blog.

People respond to images. That’s a fact. The more you can sync your message with the right image, the closer you are to taking up permanent space in your reader’s head. Try to rouse one strong emotion through your writing. It could be joy, humour, pride, a sense of belonging, etc. It’s important to make an emotional connection with your reader if you’re looking for a response.

Almost done!

Check grammar, spelling, spacing, proper usage of different parts of speech and punctuation. Don’t write “I like quizzing fruits and animals” instead of “I like quizzing, fruits and animals.”

There are many more tips and tricks, mathematical formulas too, on how to improve your content readability. As you advance along with your writing you can search them out later. For now, follow the basics outlined above and you’re set to grab the attention of your reader.

Happy Writing!

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