Arts and Music

Arts & Music


TIPS students learn to work with a wide range of 2D and 3D media including drawing, painting, collage, and computer graphics. There is an emphasis in student artwork on individuality and creativity, be it research or spontaneous art activity. Early and Primary School offers engaging, challenging and active experiences of creative processes. Classes are designed to encourage students to explore the world around them through the creation and appreciation of art.

Middle School builds on this ‘aesthetic enthusiasm’ teaching process and techniques to further refine skills using a slightly more complex range of models and concepts. High School students will be able to demonstrate a variety of modes of analytical and perceptive thinking in their work and independently create high-calibre works of art.


We all love watching little children merrily dance with little or no inhibition, singing along to their favorite song in a voice that is clear and strong, though maybe a little out of tune. Music is an outlet for self-expression and creativity. But far beyond simply providing an opportunity to sing and dance, research has shown that a strong musical education provides so much more. Music, for example, develops self-discipline. A child who allots time for practising music each day is known to develop similar habits in conjunction with other subjects. Organizational skills increase and the child learns what it takes to be good at something. Ensemble experience also builds teamwork. Band members learn the importance of being a reliable member of a group, being a team player and not necessarily always ‘the star.’ Scientists have also discovered that learning to read music or play a musical instrument develops higher thinking skills. A child who learns music excels at problem-solving, evaluation, and analysis. Music reading uses the same portion of the brain that is used in mathematical thinking.

We believe it is essential that music be taught as part of the curriculum and not just in separate areas such as orchestra and tuitions. This is one way we assure opportunities for all students to fully develop their capacities. Students from Kindergarten through Senior School learn Indian, Western Classical music and instruments under the expert guidance of skilled music instructors.

June 2024