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My experience of taking a midterm career break (motherly!) from my entrepreneurial life was one of the best times of my life. Nothing can be compared to that transformation. Through my experience, I want to convey to the lovely mothers that when you are mature enough to be a mother and when you are happy from within, any number of breaks due to situations like pregnancy, motherhood shall be a boon and it is a life-altering experience for a better you.

The reason I penned down my personal experience is to convey that as women we can have it all – become mothers, look great, feel good, and have a career at the same time.

A Magical new beginning of a new chapter – The break:

When the COVID pandemic led to the widespread economic shutdown and stress, at the age of 36, I had my second pregnancy confirmation. My elder son is of 10-year-old. The feeling of motherhood after a decade is the most wonderful feeling where the transformation has just begun in me. Again, from the scratch! – The struggles of pregnancy, the body undergoing so many changes for the second time, weird cravings, morning sickness, piled on weight, and whatnot!

I considered it a perfect opportunity for any expecting mom like me to pamper themselves and strengthen the bond with my little ones and decided to take a ‘sabbatical break’ from my entrepreneurial career.

In the end, it’s all worth it for the bliss that my little bundle of joy is about to bring into my life!

During the 8th month of my family way, neither my elder one’s care nor my little one’s arrival has stopped me from representing CII-IWN (Indian Women Network) Erode Chapter’s Chairperson. The only phrase that came to my mind was “Way to go, dear!!!” April 2021, my second little one has arrived beautifully in our world. Nothing stopped, but things kept moving along with my baby as a part of them. My IWN journey and my little one had grown together swiftly and completed a year gracefully!

Children Upbringing – A novel parenting!

Nurturing my sons (the elder and the Lil one) to me is an added responsibility always but not a reason to give up on my dreams and ambitions. It took a lot of meticulous planning to make it all happen! Despite sleepless nights, evening colic baby tantrums, nursing in-between professional meetings, etc., I have always ensured that I didn’t have any regrets as a mother. I never want to leave any stone unturned if it comes to my children.

As like, I made it a point to myself that nothing can stop me from the light of my career goals!

I move forward, stretching myself rather than compromising on anything important to me. Hence when I make even a small accomplishment, it will still give me a wider smile and a healthy shout-out that I CAN win any situation!


Going to relish the best version I have ever identified within me from this year!

“I believe motherhood should not stop a woman from achieving what she wants in life. I feel I am stronger now and more driven towards my dream. Hats off to all the women who are coming out and breaking all the stereotypes and celebrating motherhood”.

On this special occasion of “Mother’s Day”, I wish all the lovely mothers and moms to be to celebrate it every day, as I think we deserve it!

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