A Fresh Beginning: AY 2023-24

The bored school walls have taken on new life. The children’s squeals of pleasure flooded the room, breaking the month-and-a-half silence. The little soldiers entered into the school one by one.
With the dawn of a new academic session, TIPS CBSE Erode Campus is buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. The start of a new session signifies a fresh beginning, offering students and teachers the opportunity to embark on a journey of growth, learning, and achievement. The school management, teachers and all staff members are working meticulously to create a positive and impactful educational experience.

Some Key Areas Accomplished Are:

Preparing the Physical Environment: The school dedicates time and effort to prepare the physical environment for the reopening. Classrooms are cleaned, organized, and equipped with necessary learning materials. Common areas, such as libraries, laboratories, and playgrounds, are inspected and made ready for use. Adequate measures are taken to ensure cleanliness, hygiene, and a safe environment for all students and staff.

Reviewing and Adjusting Schedules: As the school reopens, it is crucial to review and adjust schedules to accommodate any changes in the curriculum, extracurricular activities, or events. Timetables are updated, ensuring a balanced distribution of subjects and optimizing learning time. Schools may also introduce new clubs, sports teams, or cultural activities, providing students with diverse opportunities to explore their interests and talents.

Reconnecting and Building Relationships: The post-summer vacation reopening is a time to reconnect and build relationships among students, teachers, and staff. Welcoming assemblies, ice-breaking activities, or team-building exercises can help create a warm and inclusive atmosphere. Teachers and students take the opportunity to get to know each other, fostering a positive learning environment.

Communication with Parents and Students: Effective communication with parents and students is essential for a successful start to the new session. CBSE schools proactively reach out to parents to provide information about the upcoming session, including important dates, policies, and expectations. Schools may conduct orientation programs, parent-teacher meetings, or information sessions to address any queries or concerns and establish a positive and collaborative relationship.

To summarize, the beginning of a new session marks a fresh chapter filled with possibilities and opportunities. By setting clear objectives, building relationships, fostering an engaging classroom environment, promoting holistic development, and involving parents, schools can lay a strong foundation for a successful and enriching academic year.

Let us embrace this new beginning and work together to create a transformative educational experience for all students.

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    Atul Runthala
    Principal – CBSE Erode.
    The Indian Public School – Erode.
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